Based in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, yet with a reach spanning valley-wide, North&Co. is a vibrant and dynamic residential real estate firm. Comprised of a passionate community of leaders and agents, North&Co. challenges the status quo of the traditional real estate experience.

In 2013, the North&Co. brand was formed through the vision of CEO & Founder, Brian North. In 2015, the brand established itself as a brokerage known as North&Co. Real Estate by Trade. Since its establishment, North&Co. has experienced exponential growth and has proven itself to be an industry leader, both on a local and national level.


Vision & Values

North&Co. has collectively, and carefully, crafted a culture built on five core values:  Specialization. Innovation. Authenticity. Commitment. Teamwork.

North&Co. agents don’t settle for mediocrity. North&Co. agents are the movers and the shakers that make these core values a reality for the people they serve.

Message from the Founder

“My father and grandfather were hardworking tradesmen. I can remember working alongside my father and watching him take painstaking pride in every detail of his job. He would share with me that his success was driven by his hard work and attention to detail… traits lost on newcomers who took shortcuts. I grew to share his feelings and vowed to always work in a way that would honor this memory. I associate all I do with the work ethic and thoroughness of a man who differentiated himself by doing business the right way. At North&Co. we honor our word, work meticulously in every facet of our business and believe in the core values of a time gone bye.”


CEO & Founder


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