Client Testimonials


Thank you for reaching out for our feedback. Heather was absolutely fabulous and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone with real estate needs. Her professionalism was outstanding throughout the entire process. She sold our home quickly and was an advocate for us the entire time. She was prompt, tenacious, thorough, and an excellent negotiator. Heather handled several details relating to it being a successful and timely closing, she went above and beyond-and both of us were extremely impressed. I met with her based off a cold-call note that she had sent to our home, I just wanted to gather information but again was extremely impressed with her knowledge of the market and the area. We were happy with every aspect of using Green Street. I will fill out the survey...but there was just not enough room in the comments section =)"

L. Russo, Arcadia Resident

"1) Overall Experience – 10
2) Best Part – Achieved target price
3) Could have done better - Nothing
4) Like to Say – El Norte is a force of nature
5) Refer to Friend – Yep
6) Reference – I think the count is up to 20+"

T. Gosselink, Arcadia Resident

"Brian was great to work with, made the process fun. Great support team, kept us up to date with each step, make the process really easy for us. And closed the deal in 14 days! Superstar realtors."

L. Lauer, Arcadia Resident

"I had a great experience with Brian North and Katie Gilbert. I would give her a 10. She was thorough and intuitive regarding my purchase, having offset my poor choice of lender (Compass bank was a ZERO). I would refer friends to your group, and am very satisfied. Katie actually got me a better price than I hoped, which is among my best part of the transaction events. Again, the worst part was my lender. I do not know how obvious that was to Katie, but guidance to seek funding elsewhere earlier may have been helpful. That having been said, it all worked out. "

Joey Haber

"Brian is one of a kind. He will go to all ends to get you the best deal for his customers. Our experience with Brian was outstanding. We were so happy to have meant him and to have had him as our realtor. He sold our home in less then a week and was able to locate the perfect house in it’s place all within a few weeks.We are Oregon residents with a second home in Mesa AZ. We wish Brian could be our realtor here in Oregon. It was such an awesome experience. Brian is our guy if we ever need a realtor and if we are asked by family and friends , he is the one we would 100% recommend."

Darcy and Keith

"I interviewed a couple of brokers/agents before making a decision to hire. Brian was the obvious superior choice. Being in sales, I appreciate the sales, the negotiating and high responsiveness. Brian is all these things and more. He is very buttoned up and a true expert in short sales. He over delivered and I am truly grateful!"

Robert and Misty -January 2013

"I have to say it is tough to descripe in words how great my experience was in dealing with Brian and his team. I have dealt w/realtors in the past and never impressed or satisfied with the results. I was in a difficult position w/rental property that was left trashed and would have cost me almost $20K to make it rentable again and could not afford to do it, house was underwater, I was totally lost and frustrated. I got Brian’s name from Todd Hurst who had rented the house for me 2 years ago. Brian asked what I wanted, explained what I could do and gave me options of which the best was a short sale. He had a buyer by the time I signed the paperwork, it did take a couple buyers to close but Brian never lost a DAY in securing another offer! My property was investment property and he was able to not only sell it timely, I got the foregiveness of debt, BUT he got me some money back! He knows his business, he listens to his customer and makes the sale happen! I felt I had a friend in Brian, and his team, by the time I was done, I felt they did their job but honestly cared about me, my situation and working the best deal possible for me, not an easy task! M. Spaziano, long distance property owner from MA, could not have done this withouth Brian and his team."

Marilyn Z -Newbury, MA Closed 1/2013

"There are not enough catagories above to adequately give input to the tangable and intangable value that Brian exemplifies and the services he and his team excell at. Things like, trust, intregrity, wisdom, and a personal sincere interest in people are just a few examples. Brian’s work ethic is extraordinary, and he is a dedicated learner. He and his team are building something that will last and they understand what qualities are absolutely necessary to accomplish that goal and are living them out. Brian is an exceptional leader and an impeciable example, in an era and marketplace where you very rarely experience such genuine professionalsim. We are grateful."

Paul and Dee P.

"Brian was recommended to me by my loan officer. I initially asked him to help with the paperwork of making an offer on a property we had found independently. Brian was very well-versed in the market in our target neighborhood and helped us more properly evaluate the value of the home. The seller’s expectations were unreasonable, and we did not end up getting that property.However, Brian kept an eye out in the local market, and was able to show us multiple properties to help us better narrow down our needs. He then advised us one evening of a brand new house on the market represented by another agent on the day of its opening. He showed my husband and our kids and I the home at 9pm, and we fell in love immediately. He helped us late that night to make the first offer on the house, and it was accepted. We are now living in our dream home, and it is entirely due to Brian’s hard work for us. I would recommend him VERY HIGHLY to anyone looking to buy or sell in Arcadia.Thanks, Brian!"

Kelly -Arcadia Resident

"Brian North is a true professional. We purchased our dream home in 85018 last month and I truly believe that this would not have been possible without Brian’s help and expertise. He LISTENS to his clients, he RESPONDS with answers. If he doesn’t have the answer, he makes sure to seek out the answer in a timely fashion. Late night phone calls, early morning texts, Brian was always there — you can’t say that about most agents. We actually felt that it was “more about us being happy in the right home than it was about the commission”. He was genuinely concerned that every step was meticulous throughout our buying process. Brian was on vacation when we went to title to sign papers — he took time out of his vacation and made sure to use “FaceTime” with us at the title office so that every question we had was answered and he was a part of it!! That is the type of person, the type of professional you get when dealing with Brian North. He is very knowledgeable in the 85018 area. I will only use him and his creative mind for my future transactions. I highly recommend Brian to my friends and family for their real estate dealings. We couldn’t be happier with his services."

S. Resnick, DMD. -Arcadia Resident May 2012

"Brian is a ROCK STAR!! We looked at 84 homes in 6 complete days of traveling into Phoenix and back from Portland, Oregon and Brian was extremely well organized, understood our style and home we wanted and was always spot on with his reviews and market analysis. With the limited time my wife and I had to review homes, his final negoitiations of the home we purchased we could not have asked for a gift from God in Brian North. He’s the BEST OF THE BEST!!"

Laura and John D -Mesa 2012

"Brian North and his team are truly exceptional–very professional. They negotiated with the bank on our behalf to virtually eliminate a high deficiency on our luxury Paradise Valley home. They carried the short sale process flawlessly from start to finish.Yes, I would highly recommend Brian North and his team–and already have done so."

M.B. -Paradise Valley 2012

"Brian helped us find the perfect house in a beautiful neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona – all while we were living in Texas. Without his knowledge of the market and expert negotiation skills, we wouldn’t have found this amazing deal. His responsiveness and professionalism allowed us to put faith in his ability to represent us while we were still residing out of state. We’ll forever be grateful to Brian for his great work and recommend him often!"

Stephanie and Jason S -Phoenix/Arcadia

"If you are like me, under water in your mortgage but have a conscience, you probably struggle with the decision to short-sell your home. I pondered this moral dilemma for over a year. Over that time, friend after friend worked with Brian to short-sell their homes, and had wonderful experiences, so I decided to meet with him and learn more about the process. In our meeting, Brian explained my options in great detail. I walked away from that meeting hearing business cases for each of my options. His style is very direct and professional; I wasn’t pressured into making a decision. The game changer for me was learning that the government had designed relief programs for responsible homeowners. All of a sudden, the moral burden was lifted and I felt confident in my decision to do a short-sale.I am so thankful for Brian and his team. They guided me every step of the way. Each short-sale is different, and mine had some curve balls, but they knew what to expect, and that was reassuring.
As a result of their diligence, the entire process, from opening signature to closing signature, took 3 months. People think short-selling is scary, I know I did. But it honestly was so much easier than I could’ve imagined. I highly recommend that anyone even remotely considering a short-sale meet with Brian and learn about their options"

Laura S. -May 2012

"I remember you followed up on a request I made through the North&Co. website on a Friday around 6pm about a year ago. I had entry level questions on a short sale. You provided council including legal references,etc and helped me out of a condo I bought in 08 that was about 200 k underwater. I put down 35% on the place and really got creamed. Before the short I had a credit score in the high 800′s.Now, a year later, I am up about 200k on a place you helped me find and even after the short , my credit scores are 843 transunion ,792 experian and 833 equifax. These new scores include the short as well as the five missed payments on the old property . I can’t tell you how delighted that I am in better shape than we expected and now have a place that’s 50% larger and my debt is half when compared to the old property.
February 2012 Your no nonsense style attracted me to you and your work ethic is at as high a level as I have experienced. I have bought and sold in CA (4 times) Texas, NY,Washinton State and Oregon . Dealing with North&Co. has been the smoothest and also in the most tumultuous times. Thank you"

T.S. - Biltmore Resident

"My relationship with Brian began when my husband and I had blindly called him on a listing. After the first conversation we knew that Brian was our guy; he was going to find us our dream home-despite us not having a fast enough ‘draw’ on the first property. Our initial day out together he showed us a house we did not want/plan to see. Nevertheless-he knew what we wanted more than we did….we fell in love with the home and closed within four weeks. Brian was on-call; putting us in contact with all the right people to assist every little step of the way. He has since become a very good friend of ours and I look forward to our future business together. He is truly an expert in ‘Arcadia’ and I am sure equally in-tune with the rest of the Phoenix/Scottsdale market. With the highest integrity and drive in business; we could all truly take a lesson from Brian North. We are incredibly fortunate to have crossed his path. Thank you Brian!"

Francesca R. -Arcadia Resident January 2012

"Brian North is an amazing real estate agent. He was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. He was available any time we had questions and responded to our inquiries very quickly. We appreciate everything Brian did for us and will certainly recommend him to our family and friends. Thanks Brian!!"

Michelle Q. -Phoenix Resident December 2011

"Thanks to both of you for all the hard work. We are so incredibly thankful that we found you guys to work through this process with us. We never imagined this was possible and NEVER believed it could go so smoothly. That’s all due to you all and your team. We are looking forward to celebrating! What a great Christmas present"

Julie C. -Arcadia Resident November 2011

"It is hard to summarize in a few short sentences the dedication and effort Brian North committed to the home buying experience for my husband and I. We are both medical professionals with little free time to commit to such a time sensitive matter, however Brian made this a seamless and lucid endeavor. We were treated like family during the entire home shopping process, and couldn’t have been more thankful and trusting with his knowledge, expertise, and honesty. In fact, Brian found our new home while we were out of town without us even seeing the property we trusted his professional wisdom so much! And we are exuberant with the results! We will be committed to Brian, as will the rest of our family, for all of our home buying needs in the future. We were the lucky ones by far with this find, both Realtor and property!"

Shari J. -Arcadia Resident March 2011

"When Brian knocked on my door, I had already made the decision to let my house go into foreclosure. We were 45 days from trustee sale, and I had basically given up hope for the home and my credit. I had applied for short sales and/or loan modifications several times without any success. After talking to Brian for about an hour, I decided to let him try where I had failed figuring, “what did I have to lose?”.He new every step in the process and anticipated the unknown before it became apparent. Brian and his team got the lender to accept a short sale only days before our first child was born. It was an incredibly stressful time in my family’s life, and I don’t know how it would have all turned out without his work.
After our experience, I couldn’t stop telling my friends and family members about Brian and his team. Eventually, several more friends worked with Brian to solve seemingly hopeless situations. I can honestly say that Brian changed the path of my life, and I will forever be grateful."

TG -Arcadia Resident July 2011

"Working in the commercial real estate industry, I have always been skeptical of single-family real estate agents and brokers (for good reason). When a good friend and colleague of mine recommended Brian, I figured I would give him a shot. He has more than exceeded my expectations. Brian executed a short sale on my previous residence in less than three months, start to finish. We also successfully purchased my current residence at a 15% discount to the list price, and set a per square foot low watermark in the immediate submarket. Brian is engaging, committed and highly capable"

Charles S. -Arcadia Resident May 2011

"Working with Brian North and his team was an excellent experience for us. Their professionalism and extensive knowledge was instrumental in keeping us sane thru both the sale and purchase of our homes. If you like to be kept Informed and educated on what can be a very emotionally charged event, then we would highly recommend using Brian North. At a minimum, you deserve to know what your options are and Brian always delivers."

Mike & Christa G. -Scottsdale Resident October 2011

"Thank you to Brian C. North for making our first home-buying experience professional, yet fun and enjoyable every step of the way! We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us from the first meeting through the final walk through and beyond. After hearing how stressful buying a home can be, I can just hope that future home buyers have as great of an experience as we have had with you and your team. We truly appreciate you all!"

Erin H. -Arcadia Resident September 2011

"We felt from start to finish that Brian and his team genuinely cared about us finding the perfect home. Additionally, Brian was very creative and not afraid to show us properties that fell out of our initial parameters, knowing that this would lead to us finding the right house.

Todd V. -September 2015

"North&Co. is the peak of wonderful performance in my book. Brian has sold two homes for us. He and his team are stellar professionals and work hard to close a deal and have all parties satisfied and engaged throughout the process. I would never consider using another realtor. Honest, sincere, kind and always top notch! Love you guys. "

Susan E. -September 2015

"The Entire team was very responsive, professional and detailed throughout the entire process. "

Colton T. -September 2015

"We had a great experience especially since it all happened long distance. We loved working with Katie Gilbert and give her a 10+. We would certainly recommend your firm and especially Katie. We would be glad to be a reference. Thanks for everything."

Ken and Marsha Merritt - October 2015