Join Different

"Grow people first…the rest will come" - Brian North

Invest in people first. That’s the North&Co. way. Through personal development, business strategizing and unique opportunities to gain the skillset needed to succeed in this industry, North&Co. empowers their people to be an owner and entrepreneur in their business.

North&Co. has successfully created a streamlined, innovative, and dynamic business model that enables their agents to push to new levels of aptitude and performance. The unique design of this carefully crafted business model increases productivity in two ways: First, the ability to create sales plans and strategies that support  agents’ individual gifts and talents. Second, the skill of identifying and strategically developing top performers and placing them on a platform to train, mentor, and model-after. Individual strengths are identified to design each agent’s success.

North&Co. adds to the experience through an energetic and dynamic community of people who are defined by their passion and fueled by their vision every day. If you want to be at your best, you want to work with us.

Join Different. Join North&Co.